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Do you feel an overwhelming desire to dig deeper into the work you are really here to do?


Do you need a space to be deeply seen and heard?

I believe that your story has an incredibly important, profoundly powerful purpose in the healing of humanity and that you deserve this space. 


Because  systemic change happens through your empowerment, transformation, and ability to do magic.  

We are stepping into the next level of vibrational upload on Mama Gaia.

Join me. 

Birthing the New Paradigm 101:

A 9-week Course for Feminine Humans, Influencers, and Entrepreneurs


This course will remind you of the witchy tools and techniques you have yet to learn in this lifetime but already know, disseminating suppressed histories and new frameworks to empower your truth and authenticity. An attempt will be made towards the creation of non-hierarchical sacred space, a place to be deeply seen and heard in each intersectionality you exist within. What we will learn together will help you understand the role of your soul, increase your inner belief, confidence, self-acceptance, and cultivate the intuitive skills needed to take aligned action.  At the end of this course, you will have created a tangible plan to bring your slice of the paradigm shift to your life and communities.

This is the essential work of our time. The universe is grateful you showed up.

The Triple-Triple A Framework:

(for transformation and tangible, everyday magic) 

Awareness: Of moon cycles, suppressed histories & more

Attention:  Noticing & awakening heart & womb/yoni space

Authenticity: What’s YOUR intersectional story?

Allies: Plant, animal, crystal beings & more

Altars: Sacred spaces for everyday ritual

Ancestor Work: Healing all directions in the present

Anatomy + Astrology: The universe is in your pelvis

Artistic Expression: Connect throat to yoni to manifest

Aligned Action: Learn to use your intuition to guide you

Methods and Techniques:

*Disseminating suppressed histories and new frameworks * Dance * Yoga * Meditation * Journaling * Writing * Art * Sharing YOUR gifts & witnessing others’ * Altar and pendulum creation * Plant communication * Self-massage * Consent-based trauma-informed healing touch * Homeplay: solo sex practice* 


1) Learn about your relationship to yourself

2) Learn about your relationship to others

3) Learn about your relationship to your ancestors

4) Learn about your relationship to the cosmos

5) Create your altar, pendulum, and other tools

6) Create action plan to execute your slice of paradigm shift

7) Utilize your tools and apply techniques to your everyday life

*limited space available*


A Minneapolis or St. Paul Park/Building near you

(more details emailed when you sign up)


9 Consecutive Saturdays

6/22/19 going until 8/17/19

7:30am- 10:30am

*light breakfast provided*



4 monthly installments of $111

*limited scholarships available*

About the facilitator:

Adrienne Ero-Phillips, MA is a therapist, womb wisdom teacher, channeler/writer, artist, doula, healing facilitator, consultant, and mother. She deeply believes that individual and collective heart/womb/yoni empowerment is birthing the new paradigm. She often finds herself in the portal space between worlds and has found peace in the revolutionary power of this. You can find her latest offerings at or on Instagram @adriennehealingarts.

You can read more about her story here.

Images by Diana Paez of Well Multimedia

Images by Diana Paez of Well Multimedia



It would be my deepest honor to be a part of your journey. 

Email me at



For our seeds, may we be courageous and empowered. 


Let’s make some magic.