Now offering 3 month 1-on-1 program

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 Womb Space Trauma Healing/Empowered Birth Program


*for women and people who have experienced sexual trauma who may or may not desire pregnancy, birth, and parenting*

*Metaphorically birth your next phase of potential and upleveled life

*Identify, work through, and release trauma stored in womb space from sexual trauma and related events

*Address depression, anxiety, and other related issues

*Alleviate isolation, be witnessed and held in a safe container to share your story 

*Connect with a renewed sense of empowerment and sovereignty emanating from your womb space

*for women and pregnant people* 

*Learn how to increase your chances of an empowered birth and/or vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)

*Prepare your body and mind for healthy pregnancy and empowered birth

*Identify, work through and release past trauma stored in womb space from previous birth or previous events

*Increase your intuition to be used during your empowered birth and mothering/parenting

*Learn how to release control of birth outcome while holding your strong vision of empowered birth 

*Step into your birthing time with sense of confidence, calmness, and inner belief

*for women and people who have been through a birth experience*

*Address postpartum depression and anxiety

*Identify, work through, and release trauma stored in womb space from birth experience and previous events

*Prepare your womb space for next pregnancy

*Realign birth flow energy from mother/parent to child

*Alleviate isolation and foster a connection to your center and others

*Find sense of closure, peace, and empowerment

What you will receive: 

  •  75 minute 1-on-1 deep listening initial assessment video session 

  •  1-2 1 hour Womb Space Trauma Healing/Empowered Birth Sessions every month 

  • Co-created assignments and plan for healing 

  •  Unlimited email communication with me

  •  A sounding board  and fiercely nurturing container of deep healing

  • 75 minute closing ritual session and re-assessment and next steps

  • Option to book in-person craniosacral therapy sessions

I use deep listening, powerful intuition, coaching, art, journaling, and reading assignments, dream work, pranic healing, and if local to Minneapolis, craniosacral therapy to facilitate and accelerate your healing.