I am a birth, life, death, and sexuality doula, multidisciplinary artist and writer. I facilitate deep healing for women and people healing from womb space trauma such as a cesarean birth. 

As a wounded healer, during my young adulthood, I found it imperative to heal myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Physically, I sustained a major low back injury in my teens catapulting me early on into a daily healing practice, studying anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, occupational science, yoga, craniosacral therapy, pranic healing and more. Emotionally, I find the arts, particularly dance and poetry, deeply important in expressing, embodying, and integrating the world around me in all of its beauty and injustices. In 2015, I received a Master's of Occupational Therapy, published my thesis work on the healing properties of writing and creative occupations for mental health, and have practiced mental health occupational therapy at an in-patient hospital facilitating groups focused on writing, exercise and movement, and creative arts.


In 2016, I went through a traumatic 4 1/2 day birth experience that ended in a cesarean section with my first born child. I was devastated, disempowered, and went through postpartum depression and anxiety that challenged my sense of inner belief and put strain on my relationships. This deepened my resolve to heal my pelvis both physically and energetically. With much mind, body, and spirit work,  I gave birth in an empowered way to a 10lb. 8 oz. baby boy after 22 hours of natural labor and became a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) mama! Through the preparation of my 2nd birth, I was able to dig deep down inside and find inner worth and belief that made the birth possible. I learned how to release control of the outcome while at the same time increase my intuition, and stack the odds of a vaginal birth in my favor.  I enlisted the assistance of many powerful healers including doulas, physical therapists, craniosacral therapists, chiropractors, educators, body workers, womb and yoni healers, midwives, and energy workers and am so grateful for their support.  I deeply believe in the power of women supporting women, femmes supporting femmes, through the individual healing process. When one woman heals, we all heal. 


VBAC Success

My healing heals

This deep soul knows

Conjured from ancestral waters

Of the Ionian Sea

Birthing transformation

My inner worth is key

Unlocks all of eternity

As when femme wise rises

We are more and more free

Spiritually, I find it crucial to be rooted in our unique cultural heritage as well as honor the universal laws of nature all humans exist within.  In order to root myself deeply in my own ancestral healing, I have traveled to Calabria, Italy, Ireland and Greece to meditate with the spirit of the land of my ancestors. I have also been a part of Cauldron Studies, a circle dedicated to the European indigenous path of the sacred feminine. In order to honor the similarities and differences of all humans, I have also traveled to many other parts of the world including Yorubaland in Southwest Nigeria to root to my partner and children's culture, India to study pranic energy in that strong spiritual vortex, and Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru to be steeped in the language and culture of South America. I have found it very important to heal and grow through extensive international travel which has expanded my awareness of humanity and my place within it.   

Ciro Superiore, Calabria, Southern Italy where my great grandparents were from, land dotted with sacred olive tree beings overlooking the Ionian Sea

Ciro Superiore, Calabria, Southern Italy where my great grandparents were from, land dotted with sacred olive tree beings overlooking the Ionian Sea

I often find myself in the space in between worlds and have recently found deep peace and power in the revolutionary potential of my life. I have developed an embodied understanding of intersectionality as queer/bisexual mama in an interracial relationship. I went through the in-between space of postpartum depression with my first born and was able to have a healing VBAC experience for my second birth.  I received a masters degree, published research, and presented at international conferences. These are great accomplishments and even still I knew I was supposed to be using my magical hands and intuitive heart to usher in the new paradigm. I am of immigrant ancestry living on occupied Dakota/Lakota/Anishinaabe lands and recognize the complexities of finding true healing justice and rootedness within a landscape of ancestral wounding, collective pain, denial, and uprootedness. 

All of these experiences create an understanding of in-between space and a breadth and depth that is unparalleled. My deepest passion and excitement lie in connecting to the rhythms of daily magic and helping women and femmes find healing and empowerment. I am a deep soul, gemini sun (insatiable intellect), cancer moon (powerful emotional resonance), and scorpio rising (intense, easily sense into collective soul and deep time).

I can hold a deep container for you and have countless tools to help you to tap the reservoir of culturally-connected universal healing based in the rising feminine power in all of us. 

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