You are not alone. I have been there.

Our bodies know what they are supposed to do.

Our babies know how they are supposed to be born.

I can help facilitate your deep healing.

Your healing heals the world.

Two years ago, I remember sitting in the hospital with my starry-eyed 7 and a half pound baby girl feeling that completely life-changing kind of love that you have for your newborn child. And I was absolutely exhausted, devastated and disempowered from the birth I had just experienced.  

I planned a home birth and after four and a half days of falling into the fear-tension-pain cycle, failed induction, failure to progress, and ultimately an umbilical cord anomaly, I gave birth on magical leap day via cesarean section. Spirit decided I needed to learn hard lessons about letting go of control and acceptance.

This experience catapulted me into a deep commitment of healing my womb and doing everything I could to stack the odds in my favor and prepare my mind, body, and soul for an empowered birth experience

Fast forward to the birth of my second born child.  After 22 hours of natural labor at a birth center, I gave birth with confidence to my 10 and a half pound baby boy through my vagina, my sacred birth canal. I am still filled with gratitude that my voice was heard and my body's wisdom was honored in a nurturing environment.  I got my VBAC, my vaginal birth after cesarean, my empowered, spiritual birth experience.

I stepped away from that moment empowered and proud of my ability as a woman.

I want this for you. I want to help you empower your womb space. 

I am dedicated to helping you heal and prepare for your pregnancy, birth, and life long journey of parenthood.  Whether you have recently gone through a traumatic birth experience or still need to heal from one years ago, I am a powerful ally to your healing and can hold a deep, transformational container for you to heal your womb space.

I deeply believe that the female pelvis is the center of the universe and that when we heal our womb and find empowerment in our center, it helps humanity birth collective transformation and usher in the new paradigm of life-sustaining, solution-focused, natural abundance.